Notepad Conf

4:00 PM Friday, November 14 2014, Saint Paul, MN


NotepadConf: the textiest conference you'll attend! See the latest technological advancements in plaintext editing. Meet the luminaries of the market and some sneak peaks at what's coming next!

NotepadConf is the premier technology conference for Notepad.exe users and text enthusiasts.

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"Reading maketh a full person. Programming in Notepad.exe maketh an exact person."

Francis "Two Strips" Bacon


Summit Brewing Company 910 Montreal Cir St Paul, Minnesota, United States

Summit Brewery, 910 Montreal Cir, St. Paul Minnesota


We are still confirming and finalizing speakers this list is subject to change.

  • Todd Gardner

    Syntax Highlighting is for Suckers

    Todd H Gardner @toddhgardner

    Microsoft Notepad MVP Contender, plain-text wrangler.

  • Jason Bock

    Advanced Pasting Techniques

    Jason Bock @jasonbock

    Microsoft Notepad Insider, Copy-Paste maverick.

  • Tim Thomas

    To Monospace or Not To Monospace: A Guide to What Typeface You Should Be Using

    Tim G Thomas @timgthomas

    Microsoft Notepad Insider, Comic Sans Lover.

  • Kristina Durivage

    .TXT: NoSQL before it was cool

    Kristina Durivage @gelicia

    Text-Storage Guru Extraordinaire.

  • Daniel Feldman

    H, J, K, L are Dead: Upgrading your personal editing process to the arrow key era

    Daniel Feldman @d_feldman

    Microsoft Notepad Insider, Recovering IDE User.

  • Adam Microsoft

    A Look at Notepad vNext

    Adam Microsoft @codel8r

    Microsoft Notepad Program Manager.

  • Mattias Karlsson

    Anything can be opened with notepad

    Mattias Karlsson @devlead

    Advanced Notepad developer and VIM opponent.

  • Mike Hodnick

    A Lap Around the Notepad Menu Bar

    Mike Hodnick @kindohm

    Creator of OpenNotepad, the Notepad.exe port to OSX

  • Jim Holmes

    Ten Ways Exiting Notepad is Better Than Exiting Vim

    Jim Holmes @aJimHolmes

    Author of "Reading Twitter with Notepad"

  • David Neal

    Modern Retro Notepad: Locally-Sourced Hand-Crafted Artesian Text

    David Neal @reverentgeek

    Acclaimed speaker on Notepad productivity

  • Jenna Pederson

    ASCII Art in Notepad

    Jenna Pederson @jennapederson

    Notepad Evangelist

  • Jake Good

    Hacking Notepad.exe : Using a hex editor to change the blue icon and more

    Jake Good @gooberdlx

    Notepad Hacker

  • Brian Repko

    Notepad internationalization - It's the BOM!

    Brian Repko @BrianRepko

    Notepad Architect and Agile pracitioner, advocating lean processes managed by Notepad.

  • Nik Molnar

    Increasing Productivity With Notepad & .LOG

    Nik Molnar @nikmd23

    Host of the NotepadWeekly Podcast and n.exe Advocate.

  • Caleb Jenkins

    The Future Roadmap of Notepad, everything we plan to do ever.

    Caleb Jenkins @CalebJenkins

    Notepad Luminary and Tarot Card Reader

  • Ivan Towlson

    Workshop: Integrating Spell Checking Into Notepad.

    Ivan Towlson @ppog_penguin

    Attendees should bring a copy of Notepad, and a dictionary.

  • William Ockham

    Animation with Notepad and Symbola.ttf!

    William Ockham @WilliamOckhamTx

    Symbola added the watchface icons from Unicode 7.0. If you enter one per line in correct order and size the window properly, you can create the ever popular "clock with spinning hands" to signal the passage of time. All by just moving the thumb on the scrollbar.

  • Jaim Zuber

    Notepad Development on the Mac using Parallels

    Jaim Zuber @jaimzuber

    OSX Notepad Pioneer and OpenNotepad Contributor

  • Brian Morearty

    Making Slideshows with Notepad.

    Brian Morearty @BMorearty

    You can use asterisks OR dashes for bullets. Need nesting? There's your spacebar.

  • Rohn Blake

    Migrating to Notepad from edlin.exe

    Rohn Blake @Rohn

    Notepad.exe Labs Academic and Researcher.

  • Bob MacNeal

    Notepad.exe: the Cornerstone of iOS Swift Development

    Bob MacNeal @BobMacNeal

    Developer and Writer, Notepad is the only tool I can use for both!

  • James Kovacs

    My Name Is MUD: Building Games in Notepad.exe

    James Kovacs @JamesKovacs

    Combine the power of Notepad.exe and AutoHotKey to build a Multi-User Dungeon. Not only will Notepad.exe be used to write the game, Notepad.exe will host the game!

  • Chris Massey

    Indypad - Becoming a Freelance Notepad Consultant

    Chris Massey @camassey

    Learn this one weird trick for becoming a Notepad consultant. MS Word users hate this!

  • James Campbell

    Workshop: Advanced Arrow Development

    James Campbell

    focus on usage of hyphens, equality indicators, carets, Vs and pipes!

  • Peter Morlion

    Advanced techniques: Stopping Shutdown with your Favorite Editor.

    Peter Morlion @petermorlion

    Is it stopping, or slowing down? An hour to verify that question should be sufficient.

  • Bryan Rhea

    Unformatting with Notepad: Bridging the Gap to Format Freedom

    Bryan Rhea @brheal

    Notepad Typesetter

  • Jesse Pickrain

    Word, Word, Word: Word Is for the Birds: How too many damn options stunt creativity.

    Jesse Pickrain @jpickrain

    Notepad Marketing Lead. Concerned Writer.

  • Daryl Davis

    Roundtable: To Wrap Or Not To Wrap

    Daryl Davis @easthollow

    A Panel Discussion of text-wrapping, the illusion of whitespace, and spaces vs tabs.

  • Youri Ackx

    Agile and SCRUM best practices with Notepad

    Youri Ackx @YouriAckx

    No more fiddling with post-its. Successfully manage your project and your team with Notepad. Build your burndown chart and scrum board the smart way.

  • George Sanchez

    Typographic Variations in Notepad: Seeing complex structures in plain text

    George Sanchez @petabyteflop

    Notepad Data Scientist and Astrologer

  • Vincent Alsteen

    .txt.bak: Advanced Version Control

    Vincent Alsteen @_v1nc3nt_

    Notepad Insider, File system enthusiast, Recovering git user.

  • Eric Robbins

    nowrap.txt.min: Managing your code with the horizontal scrollbar

    Eric Robbins @ThayerAvenue

    Save valuable server space while CTRL+scrolling through the development process.

  • Murray Carr

    Persisting textual changes to Notepad documents by saving.

    Murray Carr @onekilo79

    Notebook archivist.

  • Igal Tabachnik

    From "Bush hid the facts" to the secrets of "Ctrl-Backspace".

    Igal Tabachnik @hmemcpy

    Notepad is an entire world hidden deep within! Want to learn more about Notepad Secrets?

  • Zachary Johnson

    The Magic of Plaintext

    Zachary Johnson @zacharyjohnson

    A tale of exploration and high adventure 20 years in the making, with a poignant and chilling conclusion.

  • Zach Lendon

    Devops for the Notepad.exe Professional: Batch file scripting.

    Zach Lendon @zachlendon

    :: Notepad.exe is a robust environment from which you can manage your AWS cluster or your Frontpage Server extensions. if %devops% NEQ '0' you need to be at this session.

  • David Bock

    XML, Markdown, and JSON: Are they *truly* plaintext?

    David Bock @bokmann

    Sure, they look like plain text, but there's all kinds of "extra" meaning in there. Do these formats truly live up to the pragmatic tip: "keep knowledge in plain text"?

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